Language Exchange: A new way of learning languages


A language exchange is a method of language learning through mutual incentive to practice one’s target language. For example, let’s say an English-speaking person is trying to learn how to speak Spanish, then this person will join a language exchange and meet a Spanish speaker who’s trying to learn English.


A language exchange can happen online or offline in-person at events, such as local Meetups. If you’re doing it online, you’ll most likely meet on Skype or another common usage is to learn through texting each other.


How does a Language Exchange work?

A language exchange is meant for one simple purpose: to meet another person that speaks a language you want to learn, who also wants to learn the language that you speak. This mutually beneficial relationship is the core function of a language exchange, whether it’s online or offline.


What languages can I learn using a language exchange?

You can learn almost any language using a language exchange. With hundreds of languages to learn, you just have to choose which one you want to start practicing. Keep in mind, that you’ll have a much higher chance of finding the right partner if you are learning a popular language like Spanish, French, or Mandarin.


Do I need to know how to speak my target language already to join a Language Exchange?

In most cases: yes. Because the objective of the language exchange is to practice your speaking skills in the target language that you want to learn, you should at least be conversation proficient. If you’re not at that level yet, we recommend that you learn the basics of a language first before using a language exchange.


Where can I find language exchange websites online?

Here are some great language exchange websites that you can check out online:


Where can I find language exchange events offline?

There are 3 main websites that we recommend if you want to find ways to connect with fellow language learners’ in-person:


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