How does the translation process work at Lawlinguists?

Lawlinguists is the first legal translation agency made up of 2,000 linguist lawyers, created by lawyers, for lawyers. With the goal of creating a translation and revision service for legal documents in more than 100 language combinations, Lawlinguists has the one of the fastest turnarounds on the market: 30,000 words per project per day!


Lawlinguists starts working on projects less than an hour after clients engage them. Based on the document’s complexity and urgency, a lawyer-linguist is appointed from within either the Lawlinguists’ internal staff or their carefully selected freelance network.


Currently, Lawlinguists offers two types of services


Under the Standard Service, a lawyer-linguist, whose native language is the target language of the translated document, translates and revises the document. Subsequently, another lawyer-linguist within Lawlinguists’ staff reviews the document a second time, before delivering it.


Under the Premium Service, two lawyers/translators manage the legal translation. In this case, the translation is assigned to a lawyer-linguist with perfect command of the target language of the translated document and the revision is assigned to a lawyer-linguist whose native language is that of the source document. Once this revision has been completed, the document is sent for a third revision to a lawyer-linguist within Lawlinguists’ staff and finally, the document is delivered, all within the agreed deadline.


In both cases, Lawlinguists’ standard turnaround is 3,500 words per project per day. In the case of an urgent request, Lawlinguists can handle up to 30,000 words per project per day, however one extra day is recommended for revision.


Lawlinguists has a large network of lawyers-linguists who will expediently deliver the quality, accurate legal translations you need.


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