You break the law every day

Everyone has ever done something illegal in life. Although they have a minimum degree of punishment and are forgiven naturally. Sometimes we deny having committed any of these actions which make us guilty. Most of these actions are penalized in the United States, but some are applicable worldwide.


Perhaps, you have never driven drunk, speeded or taken ketchup packets. We do not want to accuse you or make you feel guilty. As the proverb says “He who is without sin can cast the first Stone”.   


Here are the top 5 most common laws people break:


    1. Using someone else’s Wi-Fi: we are now constantly connected to a wireless network. In fact, our devices are constantly looking for Wi-Fi signal and if found will allow you to check your latest emails. The truth is that if you do not own a signal, you are stealing and committing a crime. Although it is not very common to be arrested for stealing Wi-Fi because it is difficult to catch someone in the act, it is considered a third-degree felony. At least four cases, from Florida, Illinois, Michigan and Alaska, where people were arrested for using someone else’s wireless Internet. One man got slapped with a $400 fine and 40 hours of community service for using the unauthorized Wi-Fi connection … to check his email.
    2. Owning a permanent marker: it is illegal simply to possess “broad-tipped indelible markers” or “aerosol cans” in a public place, because they can be used to commit acts of vandalism. You can find such regulations all over the United States, from Florida to New York to California, what also makes a crime to buy permanent markers for anyone under 18.
    3. Downloading or watching hacked movies online: since we are aware of the use of Internet access to information it is becoming easier. It is very easy to find movies, TV shows or music that you can download totally for free. This does not mean that we are what we want to download illegally. This crime can cost us five years in prison and fines up to $ 250,000.
    4. Using fake names on the Internet: some people have the practice to use fake profiles to investigate others life and in some cases impersonating others. This is illegal and carries a penalty of 20 years in jail.
    5. Betting with friends: all bets placed are illegal if they were going against the state or local law. Bets with five or more people and which have more than $ 2,000 in one day billing is an illegal gambling operation, punishable by up to 10 years in prison.


The average of people breaking the law is 260 times a year or five times a week. But we still know that we are not part of these statistics, isn’t it?



  • Noel West

    Thanks for the info! I will keep it in mind next time I buy a permanent marker 😉 Congrats for the post!!

  • Jessalyn

    Sean, many forms of behaviour are, and should be, punishable.One of those is to be part of the judicical system, and misuse that power to deny the accused the right to a fair trial. That undermines the Rule of Law as such, and is very da.Terousnghere are many details in the Wilders case (lax security, denial of carrying witnesses etc.) that fall exactly under that clause.


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