The benefits of being a multilingual person

Languages create the first connection to the world. It is estimated that more than half of the world´s population is bilingual. That means they use more than one language to communicate daily.


Being bilingual means being able to communicate effortlessly in two languages. For this reason, learn foreign languages deserve a lot of effort, work and time. Some grew up learning several languages, others have learned by vocation and others only want to get the benefits of knowing other languages.


What are the benefits of being a multilingual person?

  • Job Opportunities: it’s not a secret that employers see language skills as a benefit for a potential employee. Not only because the work is in a foreign language, the employers also want people who can travel and communicate easily abroad.


  • The interaction: built deep and meaningful relationship with other people who talk foreign languages. You can communicate with a boarder range of people around the world and make friends easily. Sometimes great things happen when you speak foreign languages.


  • Enjoy other cultures: speaking foreign languages allow you to know and understand different behaviors in each culture. It makes you change the way you see people from other cultures and you become closer and a friendly person.


  • Keep in touch: being able to communicate with your families who you do not share the same language. Being able to talk with them and keep in touch make strong family relationships.


  • Protect against dementia: some studies show that people who is bilingual or multilingual could avoid early onset of dementia Have and Alzheimer’s disease. Your bilingual brain also has a heightened ability to monitor the environment around it, because it has to know what language to use and when. In fact bilingual people are often forced to shift between languages is like an overall workout for the brain; making them quicker, better at multi-tasking, and, smarter. Just another reason to be proud of your super-powered brain!


Multilingual people go on to develop more creativity and are faster to resolve conflicts. It is true that speaking several languages involves much effort and can be difficult for some, it is necessary to achieve professional goals, increase our personal relationships and improve our mental health.



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