These 10 beautiful Spanish words have no equivalent in English

One of the best things about learning a new language is discovering words with no equivalent in your native tongue. After all, they end up teaching you a lot about the culture and priorities of the countries where that language is spoken. We especially love these Spanish words with no English translation because not only are they sure to liven up your vocabulary, they’ll also stretch your mind (and make you want to travel!).


Without further ado, here are 10 excellent Spanish words to keep handy the next time you’re trying to express an indescribable feeling.


  1. Cotisuelto: A Caribbean Spanish word for a man who wears the tail of his shirt untucked.


  1. Sobremesa: The time spent talking long after a meal has ended.


  1. Desvelado: Translating roughly to “sleepless,” this nuanced word means to be kept awake all night by some kind of disturbance.


  1. Encantar: Meaning to love or to like a lot, this multi-purpose verb also expresses the feeling of being charmed or bewitched.


  1. Botellón: A word used in Spain to describe a gathering in public where alcohol is consumed.


  1. Friolento: This word describes a person who is very sensitive to cold weather.


  1. Pedorro: A slang word meaning “farter,” or someone who farts constantly! Also a chummy nickname used between friends.


  1. Madrugar: A verb meaning to wake up very early in the morning.


  1. Tuerto: An adjective used to describe someone or something with only one eye.


  1. Enchilar: Translating roughly to sting or burn, this verb also captures the feeling of being overwhelmed by a chilli pepper.


Now let’s get linguistic!





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